Product Updates

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Marinoware 9/3/18 Price Increase

Due to the continued increases in steel cost, Marino\WARE will raise prices 10% on all products, effective September 3, 2018.

see related file for details

OEG Building Material Increase 9/3/18

OEG Building Materials will implement a price increase of a minimum of 10% on all steel products effective with deliveries on or after September 3rd, 2018.

see related file for more details

ClarkDietrich 9/3/18 Price Increase

Due to continued increases in steel and transportation costs, ClarkDietrich Building Systems will implement a price increase of a minimum of 10% on all products in all markets effective September 3rd, 2018.

See related document for more details

USG 9/4/18 Price Increase

Effective with shipments on and after Tuesday, September 4th, 2018, USG will increase its prices on the following products:

• All Durock® brand glass mat tilebacker panels will increase by $25 per msf

• All Fiberock® brand underlayment and tile backerboard panels will increase by $25 per msf

• The increase applies to panels of all thicknesses.

See related file for details

Momentive Price Increase 8/20/18

Momentive Performance Materials is committed to providing you and your customers high quality GE Silicones branded Construction Sealant products. However, we continue to see increases in the cost of key raw materials used in the manufacture of these products. Therefore, with careful review, we are announcing a 5% price increase in the distributor list price of our SCS1000 series. The increase will go into effect with all shipments beginning August 20th, 2018.

See related file for more details...

Magnum Products Price Increase 8/16/18

Due to increase of raw materials, packaging, and transportation effective with shipments on and after August 16, 2018 Magnum Products will increase its prices on all interior finishing products by approximately 3%.

See related file for more details.

Tremont Nail Price Increase - July 2, 2018

July 2, 2018:

Tremond Nail announcement of a slight price increase across the board.

Hunter Panels 8/1/18 Price Increase

Hunter Panels must implement a 12% price increase effective August 1, 2018 for both Hunter roofing ans wall SIP fasteners for the following products.

SIP/WD Fasteners, SIP/SD Fasteners, SIP/HD Fasteners

see related file for details.


USG 8/13/18 Increase

Effective Monday, August 13, 2018, USG will increase prices on the following products:

• All Commercial and Retail Ceiling Tile (including Gypsum Lay-in Panels) will increase 8%

• All Commercial and Retail Suspension systems (and Drywall Suspension Systems) will increase 8%.

See related file for more details.

Marlite 7/23/18 FRP Increase

Marlite is implementing a price increase on the following products:

Standard FRP Panels (Class C and Class A, smooth and textured) 5%

See related file for details


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