USG Price Increase 1/23/2017

Effective with shipments on and after Monday, January 23rd, 2017, USG will increase its prices on all wallboard and interior finishing products.

 The wallboard increase includes all Sheetrock® brand wallboard products as well as Securock® brand glass mat sheathing, glass mat liner panel, glass mat interior panel, and glass mat tile backer products. Your sales rep will advise you of your new price, and deliver your price list prior to the increase date. It is our intention that this price will be good for all of 2017. If the full amount of the price increase is not realized, USG reserves the right to raise your price during 2017 up to the price provided to you by your sales rep.

 Prices for all Interior Finishing products, including Paper-Faced Bead & Trim, Tape, Plaster and Accessories will increase 5%.

see attachment for more details.