Armstrong Alternate Adhesive Options for ACOUSTIBuilt

From Armstrong:

We are aware there are national and global shortages in adhesives. In order to help you continue servicing the ACOUSTIBuilt business, we have identified alternatives to the recommended adhesive in our installation instructions.

The following adhesives have been evaluated by Armstrong and can be used in installations.

–  OSI F38 Low Odor
–  OSI F38 Heavy Duty
–  Liquid Nails® Heavy Duty
–  Liquid Nails® Drywall
–  Titebond® Drywall
–  Loctite® PL375 Heavy Duty
–  Loctite® PL 3X

If you have access to other adhesives that meet the performance requirements of ASTM C557 AND are recommended by the manufacturer for bonding to galvanized steel, please let us know and we will be happy to evaluate the product for use with our system.

Download official letter HERE

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