Armstrong Ceiling – Silhouette® XL® 1⁄4″ & 1/8″ Reveal Suspension Systems Now Available in Charcoal Black

Effective immediately, Silhouette® XL® 1⁄4″ and 1/8″ reveal suspension systems are available in Charcoal Black (ZB) powder-coated matte finish and have been added to the Core Grid price list.

Charcoal Black (ZB) was introduced in 2020 to provide a nearly seamless visual for coordinating with Calla® and Lyra® panels in black as well as complementing WoodWorks® and WoodLooks ceiling designs. Our plants have worked to improve capabilities to be able to provide this dark textured visual on Silhouette grid in both 1⁄4″ and 1/8″ reveals.

Download official letter HERE

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