Armstrong Tectum Price Increase As Of Feb 6, 2023

From Armstrong:

Effective Monday, February 6, 2023, Armstrong Architectural Specialties will implement a 5 % increase on all Tectum products, including Tectum roof deck products. Effective with this price increase, the fuel surcharge implemented on 3/15/2022 will be removed from the cost of all Architectural Specialties product shipments.

Pricing in CAD will be adjusted on all Tectum products to align with our USD pricing, adjusting for the exchange rate.
This increase is compelled by increases in the cost of transportation, raw materials, and energy. As a reminder, all pricing for Tectum products not on our price list must be quoted through our OneQuote tool. Please note the escalation table on all Tectum quotations will apply.

Download official letter HERE

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