Crane Composites Price Increases As Of April 1, 2021

From Crane Composites:

As we look back at the challenges of 2020, we recognize and appreciate your commitment to Crane Composites. During this time, we put forth our best efforts to support the ever-changing demand of our customers through flexibility in our production schedules and managing our supply chain to ensure on-time delivery.

Like many others in our industry we have seen a rise in cost in almost every aspect of our business including inflation in raw materials, plant operations and freight and are unable to keep pace offsetting costs. These increases began in later months of 2020 and have accelerated in 2021 with no signs of reducing. While we were able to mitigate a good portion of these increases through our productivity efforts, we can no longer absorb them completely.

Therefore, effective with orders and shipments on or after April 1st, Crane will be implementing a minimum 5% price increase across the following product lines.

Glasbord® & Fire-X Panels: 5%
Sequentia® Flat & Corrugated Panels: 5%
Sanigrid® Ceiling Grid System: 10%
All Adhesive Products: 5%

Our decorative products from our DESIGNS and Varietex® collections will NOT be impacted by this increase.

Download official letter HERE

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