Crane Composites Price Increases As Of May 10, 2021

From Crane Composites:

The beginning of 2021 is unprecedented in many ways. Material shortages, compounded by severe winter weather, have led to increases in costs across all materials. While the costs of FRP’s key raw materials fluctuate driven by supply / demand economics, Crane Composites’ highly disciplined business system and history of cost control allow us to absorb most of the variability in these costs.

While we don’t believe the full impact of this cost surge will remain long term, we are forced to pass along a portion of the costs we are not able to absorb or offset until the surge subsides. Therefore, effective on orders shipped on or after May 10, 2021, a 5% surcharge will be applied to all FRP, Trim, Colorite caulk & Seam Sealant products as a separate line item on your invoice. We will review the surcharge in August 2021, at which time we will act if warranted.

All FRP products (coil and panel): 5%
Trim and Molding: 5%
Colorite and Seam Sealant: 5%

Prices for Sanigrid and adhesive will not be impacted at this time. Download official letter HERE

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