Mapei Price Increases As Of June 1, 2022

From Mapei:

The situation with raw materials and freight increases continues to intensify by the day. Although we have announced a couple of price increases this year, our cost of raw materials keeps on climbing on a weekly basis. It is for this reason, once again, I must ask you to accept part of this burden in the form of another price increase of 5% on all our products.
Also, we have been absorbing all the freight increase we have had over the past year. With the latest cost situation, we now must also pass on a fuel surcharge in the equivalent of 20% on the value of the freight cost to you. This freight surcharge will be evaluated periodically and revised based on current freight and fuel costs.
We understand your frustrations in receiving these increases, just as we are frustrated by receiving these increases from our suppliers, but the present situation is totally unprecedented and unpredictable.
These increases are necessary for us to keep up with the high level of quality and service that is our commitment to you. These increases will all be effective as of June 1, 2022.

Download official letter HERE

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