National Gypsum Price Increases As Of Jan 16,2023

From National Gypsum:

Effective with shipments on and after Monday, January 16, 2023, National Gypsum Company, the exclusive service provider of reliable, high-performance building products manufactured by its affiliate companies and marketed under the Gold Bond®, DEXcell®, ProForm®, and PermaBASE® brands, will increase prices on the listed products:

• All Gold Bond® Gypsum Wallboard Products (Includes All Durasan® Wallboard and Trim Products)
• All DEXcell FATM Glass Mat Roof Products
• All Gold Bond® Plaster Products
• All ProForm® Interior Finishing Products
• All PermaBASE® Cement Board Products, including Mesh Tape (Excludes PermaBASE CI® and PermaBASETM Foam Tile Backer)

Download official letter HERE

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