Notice From CertainTeed: Vinylrock & Envirogard “Do Not Mix” Update

From Certainteed:

Please be advised that due to changes in our raw materials, CertainTeed Vinylrock and
Envirogard has transitioned to a different coreboard. The appearance of Vinylrock and Envirogard’s CRF-vinyl finish when laminated to the new coreboard has a lighter and brighter finish. The increased visual brightness is significant enough that “Do Not Mix” labels are being placed onto each carton and pallet of the affected products.

These labels should ensure that customers are aware of the difference inherent to Vinylrock and Envirogard being manufactured today and are careful when replacing “old Vinylrock/Envirogard” with new. Vinylrock & Envirogard produced after 1/21/22 is subject to the “Do Not Mix” and will
receive the below ‘Do Not Mix’ labels. Dates of production can be located on the backside of
panels, carton labels and pallet labels.

Download the official letter HERE

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